Go Off Lyrics By Econoline Crush

Artist/Band Name: Econoline Crush

Album Name: Brand New History

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Go Off

Me and all my friends, here we go
We want to make it, here we go
We like it slamming out the stereo, stereo
Want to make it go, we want to make it
Make it, make it go off

The truth in it, I like the want in it
The eagerness
I like the hurt of it, the hate of it
It’s no lie, the beauty in the fight

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The pain
It’s all so unbelievable
What are you fighting for?

You think it’s all for you, I can fell it in the rhythm go
I can feel it, I can feel it, it takes me
Where I can feel it off the stereo, where I want to go
It makes me, makes me go off, it makes me, makes me
I want the need of it, makes me go off

The bleed of it, the greed of it
It’s no lie, I see the whole of it
The wanting, the cold of it
The burning of desire

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