Go Crazy With My Heart Lyrics By Povertyneck Hillbillies

Artist/Band Name: Povertyneck Hillbillies

Album Name: Don’t Look Back


Lyrics To Go Crazy With My Heart

Straight laced a little shy at time
Livin on the edge never was your style
You follow rules, take things show
You ain’t never been the tape to let just let the dice roll
The night is perfect and the moment is right
Don’t be afraid to let your hair down tonight

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Just go crazy with my heart, get a little reckless with your love
Lose yourself in my arms, cause i want you so much
Drive me right out of my mind, just like you’ve done from the start
Lose control with me tonight, go crazy with my heart

Skippin beats and dancing around
and when you’re next to me i can’t it down
I’m overwhelmed lost in your love
Right now i’ve got it all and i still can’t get enough
Take a chance and go on a limb
Close your eyes and let’s throw caution to the wind

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