Gidget Lyrics By Johnny Tillotson

Artist/Band Name: Johnny Tillotson

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Lyrics To Gidget

(Wait ‘Till You See) My Gidget

If you’re in doubt, about, angels being real.
I can arrange, to change, any doubts you feel.

Wait’ll you see my Gidget.
You’re headed for a big surprise.
The way she walks
The way she talks.
You won’t believe your eyes.

If there’s a phrase, to praise her, it’s hard to find.
Webster indeed, would need, a new book to bind.

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Wait’ll you see my Gidget.
The dictionary’s out of date.
Compared to her,
The words that were,
Are second rate.

No, work of art,
Can touch her like, she’ll touch your heart.
Everyone who sees her,
There upon agrees her,
Face can replace, the Mona Lisa.

She’s got the smile, and style, that you can’t resist.
The way she moves, just proves, angels do exist.

Wait’ll you see my Gidget.
You’ll want her for your Valentine.
You’re gonna say, she’s all that you adore.
But stay away, Gidget is spoken for.
You’re gonna find, that Gidget is mine!

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