Ghosts Of The Modern World Lyrics By Hacride

Artist/Band Name: Hacride

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Lyrics To Ghosts Of The Modern World

How could god/man make life so empty?
This world is controlled by money and power.
Our hunger is limitless and defies reality,
We’re heading for the wall but the machine goes too fast to change course!

Look at me!
I’m a broken man…

Self-respect has been traded for regrets: the only feelings that last!
And the only thing I feel today is a bitter sense of sadness…

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We are the ghosts of the modern world,
The denial of human nature!

Feeling isolated more and more,
Today is like yesterday because my days are the same!
I’m chained like a dog…

I was raised in an illusion and now I’m trapped inside myself…
The mold that I was forced was never meant for me.
We’re not free and never will be…
Nothing can satisfy me,
Nothing can quench my thirst…

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