Ghost Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

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Lyrics To Ghost

[Verse 1: Nacho Picasso]
I’m from the city where they all depressed
And we only question life, never question death
Pick my face up out of a line up, you must mess with meth
And you could call me Nacho Heph, I just fresh to death
But you could call me uncle Jesse, and that’s word to Steph
All my bitches stay in line like their work is reffed
Make em strap up with them birds, hit the turf with nests
Say a little prayer for me, baby curse the rest
I be whylin like Tommy Buns, um
I keep the faith like zombie nuns
Underdog, got me feeling like Rocky 1
Ice-T cause my honky got a donkey bum
Um, that last bar was untasteful
Only half-bad, my birth mom’s bi-racial
Plus I heard that Coco was unfaithful
And my bitch from Numbnuts took five face-fulls

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Smash on the pedal, out the window with the toke
Get ghost
Dance on the devil, blowing halos out of smoke
Get ghost
I don’t wanna settle, rather lay up with them hoes
Get ghost
I’m just looking for a host, body separate from my soul
I’m a ghost

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
I’m caged in like the Ultimate Fighter
The truth on the mic, he a ultimate liar
Frozen in eternal fire, he knows you’ll conspire
Cozy clothes up in the drier, watching Boardwalk Empire
Behold my empire made of ghosts and vampires
Dipped my soul in sanitizer, nigga’s suspect is Keyser
Ask my driver, I’m a rider, I’m a laugher, she a crier
But now she in my web, she’s so fly that I’m a spider
Now she need an exorcism, ghost dick all inside her
She grab my chain, I’ll ignite her like Ghost Rider
My best behavior, call that my Denzel
Two coupes is cool, Pikachu and Benz swell
My flow Beowulf, the beat get Grendel
If this a Matrix then I’m finna pop ten pill
I blew so many blunts I even killed stem cells
I started off in hell, who’d’ve though it would’ve end well

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[Chorus X2]

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