Full Moon Over Amsterdam Lyrics By Bella Hardy

Artist/Band Name: Bella Hardy

Album Name:

Genre: Folk

Lyrics To Full Moon Over Amsterdam

A sea of tiny sparkling lights
Wait patiently to welcome you tonight
The sleeping city lingers near
While dreamers night walkers and ghosts drift here

The clocks dance back and forward as time shifts so recklessly
Just dusty grey and neon bright to count for company

And the full moon over amsterdam
The full moon over amsterdam

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Above the throng of tokyo
A man of clouds stood with arms outstretched
Held back the tide and gave my mind some rest
How fast adventure you’re come and gone

And christmas cheer comes early to a floor of green and red
It always seems there’s one more flight till you can rest that heavy head

But there’s a full moon over amsterdam
A full moon over amsterdam

As we arrive in light we end in dark
The choking cough of the singing lark
Coming back to winter for you love is coming home
And we’re all travelling travelling travelling

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But we’re not alone, we’re not alone

There’s a full moon over amsterdam
A full moon over amsterdam

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