Frosbitten Lyrics By Frozen Mist

Artist/Band Name: Frozen Mist

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Frosbitten

Her haunted soul comes to life
A hovering frozen corpse trapped in seclusion
I want to steal her soul, make it mine
Her sharp teeth sink deep into my neck
Her eyes so blind and so white
There are no colors that see daylight
Hiding in the gallow of her erotic mind
lies a princess of vampiric delight.

A pagan field of cold ice covered in shards of straw
The hollow winds shatter thru my empty open flesh
Electrify the midnight sky, an alteration of death denied
We fall into the cold air like your rose that withers.

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I’m so numb, yet so dark
Madness fears a burn so sharp
The hidden trails of tranquil delight
A thickening gloom erupts my sight.

Blood pours from your ear
Dripping down your breasts
This lust frozen in fear
It’s hiding within your chest…
I lick your open wounds
I taste your sweet desires
I caress the freezing burn
I shall lift you higher.

You lick my open wounds
You taste my sweet desires
You caress the freezing burn
You shall lift me higher.

The scars bled into the bliss
Underneath the rotting fields
Shedding skin so soaked in blood
Violate the frozen mist I reveal…

Your erotic face turns pure white
Like a virgin crawling for desire
Empty thoughts blown out of proportion
Hatred alive inside of her mind…

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Sent fourth the next victim of circumstance
Devastation drawing blanks in her mind
Her cold body denies the sexual pleasure
as we stare into each others frozen eyes.
Your soul frostbitten…
Your corpse frostbitten…
My soul frostbitten…
My corpse frostbitten…

Killing the erotica buried inside your wickedness
A false sight in my memory reveals the truth.
You’re so frostbitten…
I’m so frostbitten…

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