From Paradise to Hell Lyrics By Hammered

Artist/Band Name: Hammered

Album Name: The Beginning


Lyrics To From Paradise to Hell

Waiting the call
Ready to take-off
Now I’m flying in the sky
Watching the bandits 6 miles around me
The only order is to kill
Firing with hate at the enemy
I feel so good as in Heaven
Blood, wounds, fear makes me immortal
Welcome from paradise to Hell

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Engine is broken
Cockpit in flames
Another soul goes to hell
Try to bail out
There’s no escape
Say your last prayers and meet your god
…your god!

The hunt is about to start
We are ready to attack
Everything is gonna be alright
You feel in paradise
Exposed to all the risks
Without a cover shield
At the end of your life
You’re going to die
…to Hell…
…from paradise!

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