From Here Lyrics By Gypsy Kyss

Artist/Band Name: Gypsy Kyss

Album Name: When Passion Murdered Innocence

Genre: Rock

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Lyrics To From Here

Gypsy Kyss
When Passion Murdered Innocence
From Here
The shimmering on the water leaves the outline of a stranger
A silhouette of anger and disgust
His words are cold as ice with syllables of isolation
Defining his own hatred and disgust

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You can see the edge of his words From Here
You can see the edge of the world From Here

A veteran of living, he’s no babe in the woods
He’s learned to walk; He’s learned to fall down
He’ll lend a hand to no one
In fear of a two-faced con man with a contract on the run

Some say he belongs to the wind
He starts where the end begins
He won’t fight for love; He threw it all away
It’s just a dangerous game he’s learned not to play

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Billy K. Hicks

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