Forty Days & Forty Nights (Remastered) Lyrics By Muddy Waters

Artist/Band Name: Muddy Waters

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Lyrics To Forty Days & Forty Nights (Remastered)

Forty days and forty nights
Since my baby left this town
Sunshinin’ all day long
But the rain keep comin’ down
She’s my life I need her so
Why she left I just don’t know

Forty days and forty nights
Since I set right down and cried
Keep rainin’ all the time
But the river is runnin’ dry
Lord help me it just ain’t right
I love that girl with all-a my might

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Forty days and forty nights
Since my baby broke my heart
Searchin’ for her in a while
Like a blind man in the dark
Love can make a poor man rich
Or break his heart I don’t know which

Forty days and forty nights
Like a ship out on the sea
Prayin’ for her each night
That she would come back-a home to me
Life is love and love is right
I hope she come back home tonight

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