Forever More Lyrics By Johnson Puff

Artist/Band Name: Johnson Puff

Album Name: Miracle

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Forever More

Johnson Puff
Forever More
When you close your eyes
I hope you think of me
Just say the word
And I will be there for you
No need to hesitate
My love will be here always-oh

Forever more
You will be what I’m longing for
And deep in my soul
There’s a light that shines just for you
And only you
Forever more, forever more

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When you need a friend
I’ll be there ’til the end
Come rain or shine
I’ll be standing by your side
I’ll never turn away my love
will be here always, oh


Never felt this way before, until you
Made sweet love to me, oh baby
You’re the one my heart adores
The only, man I need-forever more

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