Foreign Bodies (Plaid remix) Lyrics By Herbert

Artist/Band Name: Herbert

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Lyrics To Foreign Bodies (Plaid remix)

Be … bend your ear
Work it out
Things you hear
Someone’s knee
Clicks just here
Foreign bodies
Start to appear

What is this
Who are you what
Is this who
(what is it you’re…)
Are you what is
This who are
You what is this
Who are you
What is is this?

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Fee … feel the bones
Nothing broken mobile homes
With each sound
In this skin
Foreign bodies start to begin

Li… listen here
Hear yourself
In things you hear
Someone’s neck
Clicks just here
Foreign bodies
Start to appear

Hide it slowly
Whisper ‘show me’
Sink in coldly
Greet with lonely
Cut it open
Cursed by motion
Last half older
Second shoulder
Voices catching
Silence vexing
Brushing closer
Wash it over
Sequence sadness
Smoked to madness
Blood-like lightning
Joy is frightening

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