Footsteps Lyrics By Emin

Artist/Band Name: Emin

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Lyrics To Footsteps

Sometimes I walk straight pass your door
But I’m too scared to ask that you even remember
I know my timing’s pretty cruel
But I heard you fell apart, so sorry I wasn’t closer

Cause when your footsteps are heavy
And you feel a little slow
And your whispers are never heard
And you’re feeling all alone
Just breathe

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(Verse 2)
When you open up your eyes and see the morning light
Ahead, in the distance
Do you ever think of me, and wonder in your mind?
If things could have been different?


If I could only find a way
To help you feel again someday
Turn around the ship and bring you home
I’m sure you’ll find the strength inside
To follow what your heart desires
I’m sure you’re gonna make it on your own

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