Follow Your Dream Lyrics By Maria Aragon

Artist/Band Name: Maria Aragon

Album Name: Maria Aragon


Lyrics To Follow Your Dream

People laugh as they
Stare at you and say
She’s got nowhere to go
But if they only know you’re thinkin’
Where did I go wrong
How should I move on
In spite of what I see
They’re losing faith in me

You tell yourself you believe
That in every feat
It takes a heart to endure
All the pain and grief
Having the hope to see
The best that you can be

Follow your dream
The courage found within
Your soul is keeping you so strong
That you could rise each time you fall
And stand up on your own
This time you won’t go wrong
Just give your best
To hold you with persistently
Become the one
You’ve always aimed to be

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Got to find your place
Where you’ll proudly face
The woes that come your way
Sometimes it’s hard to say

If you can stick to your desire
Never lose the fire
That burns up light inside
For you to win the fight

You tell yourself to achieve
You must not retreat
Persist the stops and be tough
If you must compete
Learning the path of fate
By every road you take

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[Repeat CHORUS except last line]

You’ve always aimed of
Reaching the peak so high
But you can’t describe
All your fears inside
Then one day you might
Be filled with worries
You’ll find out in time
Every misery
Meant to make you feel
Your stronger to run free

[Repeat CHORUS]

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