Fits the Crime Lyrics By Hello Caller

Artist/Band Name: Hello Caller

Album Name: Dark Twain


Lyrics To Fits the Crime

Where two roads arrive, we said goodbye, goodbye. We’ll find a way to get home, but do you stay to see it go? There is a way to explain it all. If we are wise, it doesn’t show.

As we indulged in crimes, in late July, July. With no surprise to see us gone, this is the place to where we’re drawn. So you can stay or you can come along. We have supplies that you can hold.

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And true love survives in between knives and lies. If you’re surprised, it doesn’t show. Blink your eyes to watch it go, and take the time to understand it all. We are obliged to watch it grow.

And we’ll all feel fine, so we’ll all be fine. We think our lives are in control, set the pace to make it go. And who’s to say we haven’t changed at all? It fits the crime to be untold.

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And we’ll all decide, decide. And we’ll all be right, be right.

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