Fire Of The Newly Alive Lyrics By Cash Rosanne

Artist/Band Name: Cash Rosanne

Album Name: The Wheel

Genre: Country

Lyrics To Fire Of The Newly Alive

Cash Rosanne
The Wheel
Fire Of The Newly Alive
We are awakened, restored, and renewed
The bonds of desire have led me to you
The heat of the questions that linger and stir
Is the fire that enfolds us, a place to be cured
Salvation and rescue
And the one thing of which I am sure

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Your hand on my heart
And its beating in time
To the sound of your voice
And the look in your eyes
The moment you touch me
All down inside
Is the fire of the newly alive

The passion of old is a children’s quick game
Now it’s the sound of the thunder
and feel of the flames
You leave me a message so deep in my skin
Where you stop is where I begin

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You are the reason, the time and the face
I am dissolving in oceans of grace
I’d give up a lifetime to keep you from harm
Be your salvation and rescue
And burn bridges to lie in your arms

Billy K. Hicks

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