Fight to Unite Lyrics By Good Clean Fun

Artist/Band Name: Good Clean Fun

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Lyrics To Fight to Unite

There was a time not long ago
when there’d be fights at every show
But times have changed and so have we
into a positive society
Don’t get complacent because you know
We still got a long way to go

We’ve got to learn from their mistakes
Not just follow and blindly imitate
We’ve got to fight to unite!

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Don’t get discouraged
about wasting time
On a bunch of kids
With simple minds
Because kids grow and might get smart
Don’t be negative that’s a start
We’ll be the best scene we can be
It’s possible with positivity

Now is the time
When we all yell go
It’s time to prove
Just what we know
We’ll talk and act and think our way
To making tomorrow a brighter day
We’ll use our minds that’s what they’re for
And not waste time trying to settle the score

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