Favorite Things Lyrics By Cyhi Da Prynce

Artist/Band Name: Cyhi Da Prynce

Album Name: Ivy League Kick Back


Lyrics To Favorite Things

Pistols and robbers and strippers from Follies
A few bricks from papi, Lambos and Rari’s
Chevy’s and Caddy’s and Cutlass Supremes
These are a few of our favorite things

[Verse 1: CyHi Da Prynce]
None of us was accustomed to living rich
Unless you was a hustler, hustling, flipping bricks
Got a quarter pound of mid and took out the switches and sticks
Never claimed to be a saint, so I bagged them bitches in nicks
Cut for Christmas, they wasn’t giving me shit
I was runnin’ the streets, I was physically fit
I swear to god I punch a nigga dead in the tongue
If he say me and my niggas wasn’t hittin’ them licks
Maintenance man if you ever needed a fix
Cause we needed new clothes and we need new kicks
Plus a old school Chevrolet, deuces on the Escalade
The freshest J’s and the stripper ho named Desiree
Franck Muller with the big faced bezel
40 cal and the .38 special
Cause it’s some shit in the street that nigga can’t settle
Cause we all think on the same level, that why we love

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[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: CyHi Da Prynce]
When I was young I got locked up for a B and E
Kick ya door off the hinges like it’s TNT
Strong arm ya for your shoes call it GNC
Cause I knew it wasn’t nothing for me underneath the tree
I been a dreamchaser since a teenager
Blue collar but I’m attracted to green paper
I bought a black strap cause it make me seem safer
Magnum L town, niggas won’t hesitate to cremate ya
Y’all out here sellin’ chickens like the shit is Harold’s
Go to jail and start singin’ like the Christmas carol
Got more muscle in the streets than a ’96 Camaro
Gunplay done killed more people than the sickle cell, huh
Rest In Peace to my nigga Gerald
The line between life and death is really narrow
What you know about shoot outs at the Waffle House
Every time I’m near my partners this is what they talk about

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