Fat Lyrics By Chief Keef

Artist/Band Name: Chief Keef

Album Name: Camp GloTiggy


Lyrics To Fat

Bet me, I got 10 stacks, nigga
You trippin’, I got them racks, nigga
Come to my house like you ain’t gotta pat niggas
Down, the gang love ’em wack niggas
Mmm, mmm Chief Sosa love to slap bitches
Let’s get it done, Chief Sosa love the rap shit
The green I love, I don’t care about no black nigga
Or no white niggas, skinny nigga, fat nigga
You saw me walk up with the fuckin’ racks, right
Flamin’ hotter nigga, bitch it’s snack time
Gummybear a nigga just like trolly
I’m in the choppers gettin’ head by lelonnie
She said you fucked my friend, why you try me?
She said she ain’t a thot, I said bitch don’t lie to me
Bitch I ain’t a bed, you can’t lie on me
I fuck around and leave her, don’t rely on me
I got hella guns, right now they tweakin’
Gotta wake ’em up, right now they sleepin’

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