Fakin’ It Lyrics By Mo Kenney

Artist/Band Name: Mo Kenney

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Lyrics To Fakin’ It

I faked it
now that I look back
from the very first kiss
I knew it wouldn’t last

yeah I faked it
from the song to the dance
opened up my eyes
I saw that chance

and I took it
didn’t care that you would hate me
shooting fish inside a barrel
taking candy from a baby
I faked it

when I left you
you were stumbling in the dark
I’m not sorry that it hurt
when I took your heart apart

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‘cause I liked it
I remember how it felt
when I fell in love with someone
and they hit below the belt

so I hit you
and I knew that you would hate me
shooting fish inside a barrel
yeah it’s never been so easy
I faked

I faked it
it was never you and me
when I said it was forever
I was lying through my teeth

for example
when I said it wouldn’t hurt
there was not a chance in hell
it was ever gonna work

to be truthful
the pleasure didn’t last
before I took a drink
the ice had melted in the glass

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now it’s empty
and you and I are through
the only thing I wanna do
is point the gun at you
so I fake it

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