Everywhere I Go Lyrics By Mullins Shawn

Artist/Band Name: Mullins Shawn

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Everywhere I Go

Mullins Shawn
Everywhere I Go
Verse 1
A good bit of me sleeps underneath in the bed of my soul
lying next t o belief if I toss where I lay I might turn her away
So I try to still fall dreamin’ someday I will
wake up with you beside me with all of your love inside me
so when I am gone it guides me on

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Everywhere I go I take you with me sweet darlin’
Everywhere I go you know I take you with me

Verse 2
A good bit of me keeps to the sky On the back of a cloud Unaware of how high
If I stay where I lay I might drift away soon
From the pull of the sun I am full of the moon
But baby your the one who grounds me When the sounds of this world surround me
Your love it took a look and found me Lost and on my own

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Baby I always try looking at life through open eyes
Baby my dreams came true with the treasure I found inside of you

Billy K. Hicks

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