Everyone’s Honest Lyrics By Jeffrey Lewis

Artist/Band Name: Jeffrey Lewis

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Lyrics To Everyone’s Honest

A couple of months ago
I was out drinking with an old friend of mine
What did he say to me
He said he’d like to curse his ex girlfriend just one time
And that everyone’s honest eventually

A bunch of years ago I got taken
By someone who said that shed get me stuff for free
Lots of talk, sweet molasses backstage passes
But everyone’s honest eventually

Summers gone again
Watch the leaves in tonkin square
Just cause nothing equals nothing
Doesn’t mean everything is fair

I knew a guy who was trying hard to never lie
He knew the bible a-to-z
He prayed before bed at night
And thought that he was living right
But everyone’s honest eventually

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A friend of mine in Brooklyn was doing heroin
And then he told me that he’d gone clean
It’s all the same to me
What you do with your body
Everyone’s honest eventually

Fall is here again
Watch the leaves in tonkin square
Better put your mittens on
I hear its getting cold out there

I try to live my life just like I’d always pictured it
Become my own self-fulfilling prophecy
Set my sights low so I don’t feel like I have far to go
But everyone’s honest eventually

I had a girl who screwed around with someone else
She let me know almost immediately
And as soon as I found out
I treated her like a broken toy and threw her out
That’s what she got for being honest

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Winters here again
No more leaves in tonkin square
Old men walk in circles
They cant find me anywhere

Sometimes when I meet new people
I try too hard to be friendly
Sometimes I try too hard to be cool
They say its horrible to be living a lie
But I’ve also heard it said that nothing is true

Winter never came
Ain’t no more old men in tonkin square
They say its horrible to live a lie
Then they say that nothing is true
What can you do if nothing is true?
Just between me and you
You’re better off not thinking it through
Not thinking it through

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