Eternalization Lyrics By Hermh

Artist/Band Name: Hermh

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Eternalization

From opened veins and mangled arteries*
Flows the treacherous venom
I crawl wounded like the lowest reptile
From opened aortas, deep wounds
Laves the poison of eternity

Contracture of tendons and damaged muscles
From delecrated trechera I expiscate
Rattle an croak
I squirm in a filmy pool of blood
I expectorate death!

Yet another bow in a sunny day
Yet another ray of garish days
Yet another shine of azure in the morning
Yet another crimson sunset heat

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I scream to the makers
I am the Cain’s son
In embryo of death
Lord of suffering

I will greet with gladness of crucified wounds
Annihilation at his gates
With every move of my body
Hatred in his bloody eyes I burn

Rise of nonexistence
In chasms I remain
Birth of now
Around you
Always here and beyond there
I am the unnamed sarcophagus
Of his memories

I last among death and life
Unnamed lord of life and death
Nonentity – being
Lord of spasmodic bodies kingdom
Agony of life
In suffering I last

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