Erase Lyrics By All That Remains

Artist/Band Name: All That Remains

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Erase

Don’t leave, you said to me
And for a moment I feared I’d stay
But your plea rang hollow
So I quietly walked away

I can see you through the glass
And I wonder was it done in vain
Now I’d do anything
To simply make the pain go away

If you’d have me I’d take you back again
And erase the mistakes I’ve made
If you’d have me I’d take you back again
And add to the mistakes I’ve made

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I remember morning light
And a shower to clear my head
Everyday a reminder
Of what a fool I’ve been

Seemed when I left you
I’d left everything I’d known
Now you have shown me
I’m not the man I thought I was

I believed in you
I had faith in you
I was there for you
Now I’m lost in you

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