Egovernment Lyrics By Altar

Artist/Band Name: Altar

Album Name: Ego Art

Genre: Electronic

Lyrics To Egovernment

You’ve been kicked on this world
The naked truth of a big mistake
Another part of this family
A gift from god what a fake
Why call them parents?
They don’t give a fuck
Why call them teachers?
They failed the test of life
Why call them brothers?
There’s no equality
Why call them preachers?
Their message doesn’t work
You’re a victim of authority
A generation of stupidity
Unless your ego feels supreme
Above this pool of foolishness
Fight the ones on your way
Trample down their emptiness
Place your boots inside a face
Get ’em down before they use
Do not bend – egoist
Challenge it – egoist
Weak or strong – you stand alone
Blessed are you ’cause you are alone
Break away – egoist
Do not accept – egoist
Destroy them!

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