Eclipse Lyrics By Cromok

Artist/Band Name: Cromok

Album Name: Eclipse


Lyrics To Eclipse

The past in memories it last
The deal printed and seal
Ashamed, depressed, unseen
Many ways to set the trap

Put the blame on you
Failure it’s yours forever
The pain remain the same
Our days in black
Threat for one who fails

We’ll try again and again
Twisted muscle pain
Meltdown of the brain
Cold blood
Trailed the hopeless path
We’ve tried, we’ll die but why

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Life is a mystery
Hide underneath for no one to see
Just for you and me
We reign our soul and the game
It’s closed
Blackened and dispose

No pain no gain insane
I for once behold
The throne I dream alone
One fall in deep black hole

The pain remain the same
The pain remain unchanged

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