Earth Messiah Lyrics By Cathedral

Artist/Band Name: Cathedral

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Earth Messiah

Insane Asylum Planet Earth
The Universe has become a hearse
I drove your destiny to your maker
I was your futureworld creator

My wicked eye – watched planet burn
I am your master – I am the Earth Messiah

Television parasites
Tune into Brainstation Satellite
I’m sucking cash from your minds – so empty
Oh, how your weakness pleases me

Brainwashed children – From you I feed
I am your master – I am the Earth Messiah

My Black Cloak spreads across your world
The lights go out to a mushroom cloud
Atomic crypt becomes your Heaven
For all of this time you have prayed for me

My work is done – Now I’ve set you free
I am your master – I am The Earth Messiah

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