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Artist/Band Name: King Louie

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Lyrics To DX

[Verse 1]

Keep them fuck niggas from round me yea I treat them like they Ebola
Yeah my name Louie but Tony is what they call me
Allah, O God, slide up on em, get that glah glah, bye bye
I’m on a date with some undisciplined bitches
Oh yeah these bitches got niggas, after the day, I’m gon’ have sex with these bitches, or whateva’
Santa said he gone have me three hoes for Christmas
If I have him some eggnog and cookies, it could be for sure
My bitch gay, y’all face
I’m a dog ass nigga, so it’s been always been coping no dog tags
Run, niggas got young legs (forest!)
We not talking, hit the target, make that car crash
I’m a real nigga but that’s automatic
I’m drinking juice in this bitch just cause I got it (Louie got the juice!)
I gave your bitch that dope dick now she an addict
She coming back cause she know that I got it (Do it!, Do it!)
Ahhhh I got some new guns for bitch niggas (surprise!)
I got that Louie cause it’s different (nice!)
I kiss the pussy cause she miss me (muah!)
My bitch she suck me till I’m empty woooo!
I get them bands, I get them bands
Gets all I can, change her like pants
These niggas is hatin’, Louie a big old nigga
All of these bands, I got a safe on me
Baow baow baow baow baow baow baow
Shout out them Benjis, them Jacksons, them Grants
Got some take pay, give him a day
Then left the body like ha ha ha ha! (goofy!)
My grandmamma always told me I was a star
Yea Ahhhh, make get stupid bands, it’s Ls till I die
Don’t get your goofy ass shot in this bitch on some tough shit
Your bitch just got in my space so she just been abducted
I told her D-Generation X if she sucked it (DX!)
I really think my gun is out of breath, huffing and puffing

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