Drumma Bass Lyrics By Cassidy

Artist/Band Name: Cassidy

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Lyrics To Drumma Bass

You’ve got to dance people, Dance People, Dance uhh.

(The Hustler.

Larceny Family)

(get your jig on)

Drummma Drumma Drumma Drumaa Drumma Basss
Drumma Drumma Drumma Drumma Drumma Bass

Yeah Im right here with my hands in the air
Doin my little dance. im the man up in here
Im feeling good i got a lot of fans up in here
my shoes see through like a kat scan up in here

yeah im gettin high puttin grams in the air
got my eyes looking like im from japan up in here
i brought a couple grand up in here
and my ice shine so bright you might catch a tan up in here
im an ape. and my man is a bear
so i aint scared of none of yal standin in here
mami i aint your man or that man in your ear
but i want you to understand
im the man up in here

Im back with the (drumma drumma drumma bass)
snares and high hats
yeah im back up in the place
you can hate it so good in the hood im great
i was never fake
early like ive never been late
im never sober. smoking marijuana to the face
sippin some champagne you probly never get to taste
cuz you cant afford it. if you order by the case
for the watch i paid a quarter
frozen water in the face

i know its a recession and a lot of people down
but imma keep to pushin
i aint got a bush to beat around
im with some freak i found,
dancin with my hands on her hips
imma take her home and let her dance up on my dick

Listen Im on a mission to get richer and richer
my life like a movie
but you aint getin the picture
gotta get the money
then get what money will get ya
cuz when you gone god aint lettin you bring it with ya
i wish i could rewind time and be young again
take it back to when cats was dancin havin fun again
and get it jumpin like house party one again
if u aint dancin U aint comin in.

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