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Lyrics To Dreadnauts

[After the Extropian Army began their surprise invasion, the Dreadnauts division of the Ironclad Army assembled on the coast of Eos Lux to reinforce what remained of the Ironclad Warriors. Hundreds amassed in a forest clearing near Terra Sol. Atop a hill before them are their superiors and elders, rallying with shouts of pride and power: “Lift your head up, and prepare to defend your people! On this day, Eos Lux will not fall!”]

“We fear nothing!”
– Cocidius, Dreadnaut Warlord

“We’re back, and we’re not leaving this time!
We will take this straight to the front lines!
We spent years pushing harder and harder,
Always pressing forward!
…And did we fail? (No!)
…Did we die? (No!)
…Did we give up? (No!)
Then who are we? (Dreadnauts!)”
– Kruhl, Ironclad Battle Sergeant

“We stick together in our fight for life.
We stand together in these bleak times,
As people with strength, together we’re fearless!
We will fight with you to reclaim our place!
We’re not scared of what the world has become!
…We will overcome!”
– Satha, Ironclad Captainess

“…So will we run? (No!)
…Will we hide? (No!)
…Will we give in? (No!)
Then who are we? (Dreadnauts!)
…And will we fail? (No!)
…Will we die? (No!)
…Will we back down? (No!)
Then who are we?”
– Kruhl, Ironclad Battle Sergeant

“What is fear? (Nothing!)
What is pain? (Nothing!)
What is loss? (Nothing!)
…We will fight again!
(What is fear?) Nothing!
What is pain? (Nothing!)
(What is loss?…)
Scream your name! (Dreadnauts!)”
– Cocidius, Dreadnaut Warlord

What is Fear? What is Pain? What is Loss?
Scream your name!

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