Dope Game (feat. Chief Keef) Lyrics By Fredo Santana

Artist/Band Name: Fredo Santana

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Lyrics To Dope Game (feat. Chief Keef)

[Intro: Fredo Santana]
I done fell in love
I done fell in love
I done fell in love with the dope game
With the dope game [x2]

[Hook: Fredo Santana]
In the trap house whippin up a whole key
Turn two thang to a four piece (whip, whip, whip)
Niggas say they got shooters, well show me
Got shooters on a squad like Kobe
In my left pocket bout a whole thang
Trap money that’s off cocaine
I done fell in love with the dope game
I done fell in love with the dope game

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Mansion trapping fuck a vacant
Baby dont you see my wrist how it’s dancing
They like damn Chief Sosa why you flexing
Cause I member all the times I ain’t had shit
New whip pulling up, Volvo, posted on front streets selling coco
Bitch I smoke dope, I don’t snort dope
Bitch I sell coke, I don’t snort coke
I don’t give no fuck if I was trapping
Pull up on a opp block and get to clapping
Couple bands on my clothes and my mac-10
I’m a shoot a motherfucker through this fashion


[Verse 2: Fredo Santana]
In the trap house whippin’ all this cocaine
Hit the lean man up I need two thangs
So bossed up bitches tie my shoe strangs
Who is you? I can’t serve you, you lookin’ too strange
Call up Lil’ Moochie like to shoot thangs
40 cal kickin’ bullets just like Liu Kang
Niggas gettin young money call em Mac mane
Watch this choppa flip some cars while I’m shooting
Frontstreet 061 thats my domain
Number posted on the block with three dope names
Sellin’ all the fiends while I’m toting
I ain’t give a fuck long as the money comin’ in

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