Dago Lyrics By Rucka Rucka Ali feat. Nigariga Tony | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Rucka Rucka Ali feat. Nigariga Tony

Album Name: Rucka’s World


Lyrics To Dago

I am a dago
Garlic in my nose
Bakin some garlic bread for you
Watchin Italians try to be normal’s
Like watchin monkeys fling their poo
Ay, I’m walking here
Im just a spaghetti vender
Im just a dirty guinea
I don’t need lube on my weiner
Because im so gr-easy
My wife has a pretty mustache
Its growin off of her back
I own my own pizzeria
Mobsters all meet here at night
Come order a bite
Calzone and a sprite
Al-capone also might
Put you in a box
Concrete in your socks
Guess all that us wops is good at is crime
Im just a dago
Spaghetti slurper
All that they say of my race is true
All an Italian
Has ever done was
Loose at a world war
1 and 2
Them nappy headed bastards smell like shi*
Id rather see them all sleep with the fish
Their all some furry hairball piece of shi*s
Provolone spagettos
Suck my dick
Im just a burnt pizza quido
I shoot up to stay in shape
Gym, tan, and laundrio
Im none to do date rape
Im allegedly a pedophile
That means I smush little kids
Sometimes I watch Jersy Shore and
I get so oh very proud
Wow look at those nice young talented
Bright zips goombas and wops
Suck eachothers cocks
Now Snookis knocked up
Child protective should just park at her house
Im just a dago
A mofioso
Im just a banged up gangster dude
I guess Italian something that happened
Afficans raped some dago jews
There might be a good answer to this shi*
Lets throw canoleys off of Brooklyn bridge
Italians are the dumbest group there is
Mexicans, Italians
Whats the diff?
Ciao paranto
I run pasta la restaurianto
a-please come in
for slice a-pizza
im a fascista
café barista
they call me nigarigatoni
up my homies
with extra cheeses and perpperoni
in macaroni
im a jabroni
like mista Jesus
when will spaghetti
be hot already
it take long time
and I a-sweaty
I drink white wine
And I smoke cigario
I glog the toilet
Call up MARIO
Mamamia papapia
Eat a pasta quesadilla
Sicicilia sucka dia
Spaghetti was my idea
I am a dago
Gobbling orzo
Im just a racist hatefull goon
No one Italian has ever done one notable thing but make ragu
Salami eating brown shirt rizzo zips
Grape stompin ginzo hot head gino flips
The last I would like to say is this
Their food is good
And the girls have big tits
So uh no hard feelins right?

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