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Artist/Band Name: Kulay

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Lyrics To D.O.M.

Hi was lookin at you from across the room
And I think weve met before
And youre lookin so beautiful this evening
Can I buy you a drink? [4x]

Oh no, another DOM
Comin around my way again

Your pick up lines are from the 70s
So take your hands of my knees youre even older than my dad
You make more passes than a quarterback
Excuse me miss, are you a model?
You know you should be a model
Cuz I have friends in da industry
And aahh, I can get you into movies

Dont try buy my love I dont think you have enough
Money or stamina DOM Im tellin ya
Keep on walkin, dont look back
Youre even older than my dad
Oh, but waitwhat kind of car did you say you drive again?

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Miami Vice been cancelled, yo
You shouldnt dress that way no mo
Youre Rolex and your horseshoe ring
Your polished nails dont do a thing
Youre so beautiful
I love your name
You like my watch and my fly gold chain
Got a 8-track tape of Sinatra
And by the way, Im on Viagra

Oh, but waityou gonna buy me what and take me where?
Well, aahhyou know
You can do so much better than this place (Oh really?)

I can hook you up! I got lots of connections (Sure)
Youre such a pretty girl (I know) You wanna go out sometime?
(Like on a date?) You dont have to call it a date
(But arent you married?) Yeah, Im married
But if you came earlier in my life
You couldve been my wife
Throw your clutch bags in the air
And wave em like you just dont care
And if you knew youre a DOM
Somebody say I am! (I am!) A DOM!
If you agree to be my girl Ill take you shopping around the world
Got a groovy cabin in Niagra
And did I mention, Im on Viagra?

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