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Artist/Band Name: Bobby Gore feat. Khallee

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Lyrics To Cry Your Heart Out

They said it’s no longer kill or be killed man/it’s kill or be irrelevant/
Can you believe that?/
I definitely believe that/
Let’s go
I dedicate this song to a very long friend of mine Common use to love H.
in that cherry thong/now we all mice and Layton/get they Tom and Jerry on/shine with no ice and still get my Rock-a-Felly on/rhymes so tight like B.
strutting in Deréon/artist development where’s the ringtones?/carry on/that’s from the night way to the early morn/exploiting the game till you gotta give me glory/and even if I’m 38 and rapping seeming corny/bet I get the last minute shot like I’m Robert Horry/
I’m the early Robert Downey Jr.
that’s drowned in manure or found in a sewer/that’s how you gotta be just to pursue H.
I do it for the real so chill/you gotta feel me now/its real life skills and you can suffer from them yearly round/
I see my future refer to me as the highness/and you can see too just look at your girl eyelids/
I’m hoping you got man you know?
You always get too much of life but it never get too much of you.
You know what I mean?
I’m so at it my gadgets moving like rockets/never jackin’ like the Ripper the coin flipper ecstatic/
I have the status is magic/keep watching we making it happen/
I hustle and flow/tell DJ it’ll get dramatic/and anybody to disagree then they don’t know nothin’/cause five boys from the slum just wanna have fun/labeled eccentric a-hole just when I pass by/outer shell of a gentleman/fabrics that are mad fly/
I’m piercing ceilings jack/ Aug’s mom left us with some good genes so you know we got to fill the gap/my pops left me with a recipe for destiny/a dog for pedigree cease to let these people affect a G/too many dents in your circle better change your shapes/roll with clips in case you gotta bathe some apes/sorry to say but the confused finna hate/
I can’t be fretting bout the past cause I’m living for today
Don’t be scared/
If you listening to this man… I know you can relate you know what I’m saying

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