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Lyrics To Crosshairs (featuring DJ Q-Bert)

Yo, act like you ain’t know the NSA and CIA
Been already tapping your phone and tagging your emails, homie wait
Bruce Lee when I’m moving on that stage behind that bass
Screamin’ end the occupation of Palestine, homie wait

I’m just winding up and getting started over here
The locals in every city see the changes every year
Watchin’ Starbucks move in, streets getting repaved
The land of the, the home of the uhh…
Timothy McVeighs
Terrorists being made in little suburban cities how they get this way

In Boston, a crockpot
Newtown babies got shot
Some poody [?] in Colorado walked into the movies like “pop”

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And now they talking gunlaws but shittin’ over health care
And mental health is probably more to blame when it come to terror
And everywhere you look on television in America
Is violence all inflicted by a Navy aircraft carrier [bang]

So what you expect from all its citizens?
The beneficiaries of a missle-killin’ children
In countries that ain’t our own
All while taking a loan
If I was China, I’d step in like
“hey homie, pay what you owe.”

It’s like the homie tried to borrow a couple bucks to get lunch
Then says “fuck that”, takes the money, goes and buys him a gun
Then robs a bunch of mothafuckers but don’t give nothing up
Instead he pays out all his homies
Turns around and hits you up for mo’ money
Throw money to some Syrian rebels and fuck Bashar
But yo, it’s hard when America starts to meddle
Meanwhile in every hood we just mimicking that
Imperialist attack that’s why kids call it Chiraq
Think about it and dial it back to the shit you’ve been taught
It’s not a country getting free, more like a country getting bought
Q, talk

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Yo, you can line up all ya chakras, channel all ya Qi
Unless you get up off that mat, homie, that’s all it’s gon’ be
And not the charity, I’m talkin’ solidarity shit
That’s why I’m good in every hood cuz I take care of my shit

Brrrrraaaaaahhhh, Qbert, Bam, Brrrrrrraaaatttt

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