Cow Meeting/Holy Moment Lyrics By Frankie Cosmos | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Frankie Cosmos

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Lyrics To Cow Meeting/Holy Moment

you fill me with weariness
when you are mysterious

even though i joke a lot
i still feel the power of god

justin bieber made a lot of people christian
people need something to believe in

i go to the cow meeting
the pretzels are steaming
i must’ve been dreaming

i jonathon, i mustve been dreaming
cause when youre heartbroken
it feels like its just to rent him

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but now im on the other side
and im so sorry

my honey’s got a hole in his toes
and its funny your heart should know
the first half of the pocus pros

let me just read the poems
and look at the pine cones

math controls everything
pine cones and cup rings
maybe sex to a kiss
fibonacci sequence

oh god i can’t remember what it is
holy moment

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