Coral Bones Lyrics By Anchoress | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Anchoress

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Coral Bones

With last words in my teeth,
Tears in my eyes,
I leave home, not looking back.

The ocean waves call out to me,
They whisper of places that I long to see,
Out there where I long to be,
With you, forever upon the sea.
Among the cold and wailing ghosts and rain,
Intangible spirits that call my name.
The weight of the waves breaks upon my frame,
Like a desperate kiss that leaves me changed.

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With the world in my teeth
Vengeance in my eyes,
I set sail. It’s my time.

With a knife in my teeth,
Spyglass up to my eyes,
I return, to your world.

Black lights in the city maze,
A dark fire sets the streets ablaze,
I’ll stalk you through haunted alleyways,
Come now, meet your end of days.

With a knife in my teeth,
And your heart in my hands,
I sink back, into the sea.

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