Cold Feets Lyrics By Original Cast Recording | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Original Cast Recording

Album Name: The Drowsy Chaperone


Lyrics To Cold Feets

Hey there Mister Mirror Man
Shakin’ and a quakin’
Tremblin’ like ‘dem
fraidy cats do
Somethin’ big be botherin’ you

Cold Feets
Cold Feets

Brother you got cold feets
You can make ‘dem
cold feets hot
With little rhythm

Young Feets
Old Feets
Can be uncontrolled feets
Rhythm make ‘dem
cold feets trot
Down the aisle

Frosty arches
They can learn to swing
Icy toes can jive
Wedding marches
Played in ragtime swing
Make frigid soles come alive
And take that dive

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Cold feets Shmold feets
Turn ’em into bold feets
Rhythm make them cold feets

Say what are you up to?

I’m singing a song an old Negro taught me.
A Dixie remedy fro wedding day jitters.

You think you’ve got the jitters?
You’ve got the easy part! I have the weight of the wedding on my shoulders!

George, it sounds lke you’vee got cold feets.

What do I got?

Cold feets

What do I want?

Bold feets

What do I do- scold feets?

You make ‘da cold feets hot

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Cold Feets cold feets
Thurn ’em into bold feets
Rhythm make ‘dem
cold feets hot
You make da cold feets hot
You make da cold feets hot
You make da cold feets hot

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