Cloak And Dagger Lyrics By Black Sabbath | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Black Sabbath

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Cloak And Dagger

I remember the burning I felt inside
As you touched my frozen heart
I remember the screams and the pain within
As my soul was torn apart

I recall being hungry
And for years I stood my ground
Even though you were never
Oh no never, never around
God, how I needed you

I remember they warned me
And oh how they told me
Yours was the kiss of shame
I remember the Devil coming
To steal my soul again and again

I remember the dawn was breaking
In Cathedrals of unholy light
I was searching for answers
Where singers and dancers
Will travel on through the night

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I’ve been hurt by evil games
First you’re here and then you ain’t

Cloak and dagger, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cloak and dagger
Cloak and dagger, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cloak and dagger

Oh, there’s something about you
That doesn’t seam real
You say if I don’t sell my soul
You will steal

A promise should stand
I know the command
And me like a fool took it in

In the valley of death
Do I stand in the shadow
Or fight for the right to be free?
A kiss on the wind whispers die
Die for glory

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No, no

Cloak and dagger
You’ve been playing those evil games
Cloak and dagger
Set me free I don’t need this pain

Cloak and dagger
Something about you just doesn’t seem real
Cloak and dagger
Your say if I don’t sell my soul you will steal

Cloak and dagger
Your kiss of shame has been hunting me
Cloak and dagger
God, how I needed you

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