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Artist/Band Name: Killing Joke

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Lyrics To Chop Chop (Peel Session)

Take a walk down the town, take a look at them.
Pity on these passers-by, a foundation sound.
They paint the walls and ceilings white, to feel clean inside.
Ten square miles so synchronised, i could have cried.
And the bodies go by, barely half awake
Wait till things come again, nice things will come it’s such a
Nice environment i’m in.
Oh well why am I here? and the bodies go by,
Barely half awake.
All but the few ever notice anything at all
(oh dear)
All but the few ever notice anything at all
I’ve got a nice new wristwatch, with a bright red strap,
The second hand really moves quite fast, hah,
I never thought of that.
And then i pick up my picture book to compensate outside.
It’s back to fiction once again, i could have cried.

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