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Lyrics To Chocolate

Ugh, Too funky! Ugh!

Every time we’re out on a date
I want 2 love U, U make me wait
U went and told me I look like a pimp
But honey, I noticed U waited ’til after dinner
18 jumbo shrimp, damn!

U gotta give me some of your (Chocolate)
I said what U waitin’ 4?
Give me some of that (Chocolate) U gotta
Just can’t wait no more

Every night when I take U home
U say U got a headache, U wanna be alone
I ain’t tryin’ 2 brag baby, but if I ever get U in the bed
I’ll work that body so hard, U’ll wish all U had was an achin’ head
Look out!

Give me some of your (Chocolate)
Baby, what U waitin’ 4?
(Chocolate) Oh Lord
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
I, I just can’t wait no more, uh

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Look out
Ha, back up, uh
(Chocolate) {x4}
Tootsie Roll, hit me
Back up

Come on now

When I sleep, I dream of U
I dream about doin’ the things I want 2 do
I’d make it so nice if only I could
Don’t U wanna see my Tootsie Roll?
Baby, I’m sure U would
Look out!

(Chocolate) {x2}
What U waitin’ 4?
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Just can’t … say it!
(Chocolate) Look out, uh
Some of your (Chocolate)
What U waitin’ 4?
(Chocolate) Candy
I just can’t wait no more, uh

Oh baby, what’s the problem?
What’s the matter, don’t U like me?
U don’t want no young man, U need somebody with experience
I could make it so nice
Don’t U wanna see my Tootsie Roll?

(Chocolate) Look out!
Give me some of that chocolate (Chocolate)
What U waitin’ 4?
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Look out, I just can’t wait no
(Chocolate) {x4}
Chocolate, Milky Way
Give me some baby
Give me 2 day
Look out, uh
Give me some of that…
Melvoin, play your guitar
I’m gonna go tap on the cowbell

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Oh, nasty
Play it
Come, come

Gimme some horns, uh {x4}
Come on, nasty

(Chocolate) {repeat till end}
What U waitin’ 4 baby?
Say it
Have no fear baby, I’m one of them 3 Musketeers, unwrap me!
What U waitin’ … look out!
Listen 2 me, now
Milky Way, Tootsie Roll
Can’t nobody fuck with me, I’m 2 old
Look out!

Melvoin, Melvoin, U gonna have 2 step on the gas
We gotta get the hell outta here, come on, uh!

Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffin’, green beans
Chitlins, candy sweet potatoes, black. black-eyed peas, grits
Cabbage and…
I can say anything I want 2
Y’all can’t fuck with me
Look out
2 old
Superbad {Fade out}
Bad 2 the bone
What U gonna do with me
I’m all alone, look out!

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