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Artist/Band Name: Pouya

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Lyrics To Cheshat


Pull up with that
.44 right side of my hip
You keep on talkin’ bout’ your money but your money a myth
Plus you a busta’
Lollipop sucka
Wu-Tang with your honey I’m bringing the ruckus
Hop out the whip when I dip out the function
Hoes gon’ follow
Swallow bottles
Shitty models
Got me feelin’ like I won the lotto
Lookin’ down on you rappers I am Aristotle
I am the goat
I am the one that yo momma gon’ quote
I am the reason your girl got hand prints on her throat
The reason your life is a joke
Chokin’ her out
Slappin’ her mouth
Still reppin’ that South Side Slugs
Time to put stunna way deep in the mug
Cut your neck then quit to lick the sticky blood
Nobody can flow like me
You can try your best I’ll respect that
You take drop
I neglect that super hot fire like I’m not a rapper get back
If you ain’t the one signing my check
I’m whippin’ the foreign
Your life is a wreck
She givin’ me tongue she a pain in my neck
Runnin’ the underground and I ain’t breakin’ a sweat

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It’s only been an hour since nice to meet ya
And that pussy boy already askin’ fora feature
Triple S gonna put me in a different atmosphere
I’m on another level
Ho I’m out of here like three strikes
Went to sleep with two dikes
Who converted for one night because I was too nice with it
Admit it, you love me
Chopity chop you up and send the bullets to your stomach

We just tryna’ get rich and suck some tities
Comein’ up from the suburbs from the city
Signin’ into that ass without a password
Break your wall down and sell you the plaster
To patch it up and back to business
I’m only oversea first class or business but
That’s enough lets take the metaphysical
The red crystals in my window sill keep the spirits out
When girls talk make sure you only hear her heart no hearin’ the mouth
Never talk to a [?]boy (There it is)
Only thing that get me paranoid is kids
Now everybody having a look like (I’m crazy!)
My pullout game is Tom Brady, I can’t miss
Might sound kinda racist but head feel better from an Indian girl meditatin’
[?] my niggas
Never put it in a song my niggas
SS niggas when they with me on god I’m set man
Shoot my machine gun and duck when they up
Fuck Columbia drop on the [?] my momma
Because homie I swear I’m with the sharks in the water
Oh damn then it slows down

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