Change Partners Lyrics By Cash Rosanne | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Cash Rosanne

Album Name: The Wheel

Genre: Country

Lyrics To Change Partners

Cash Rosanne
The Wheel
Change Partners
In the middle of my life
When my fate was sealed and tied
The heavens rain down fire
The earth and moon conspire
To open up my eyes
Make me face my lies

I crawl through an abyss
I struggle and resist
Somehow I break free
Someone becomes me
And when I stand upright
I’m filled with a new light
I’m given one more chance
So I change partners
In this new dance

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The moon stays on a course
No mortal can force
The courage to go deep
Is gathered while we sleep
I’m purified by fire
(And the way that feels)
Renewed by my desire
(Is the price to be healed)
Hey, nothing’s left to chance
So I change partners
In this new dance
I change partners
In this new dance
I’ll change partners

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