Chances Are Lyrics By Bonnie Pink | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Bonnie Pink

Album Name: Thinking Out Loud

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To Chances Are

Sometimes you’re right, sometimes I bite
Why is it hard to say what I want when I want?
Sometimes I love, sometimes you hate
Why does it hurt to hear what you have to say?

Chances are you’ll get it when you stop wanting
Chances are you’ll fall asleep when you stop trying
Just can’t lie to myself

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Sometimes I doubt, then you back out
Why is it hard to breathe in the same room?
Deep down we know why we can’t run away
But why does it hurt to visualize the goal?

Chances are I’ll regret when you say good-bye
Chances are you’ll find the way home with or without me
Just don’t lie to yourself

I go this way, you go that way, wherever we’ll find each other
Chances are… chances are…

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