Vlaanderen Boven Lyrics By Raymond Van Het Groenewoud

Artist/Band Name: Raymond Van Het Groenewoud Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: World Lyrics To Vlaanderen Boven Raymond Van Het Groenewoud Miscellaneous Vlaanderen Boven Waar er mossel met friet is Waar een kip aan het spit is Waar de kerk in het midden staat Waar de purperen hei bloeit En het geld in het zwart vloeit Waar … Read more

The Eternal Soldiers Lyrics By Loudness

Artist/Band Name: Loudness Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To The Eternal Soldiers Stay alive the deadly game you play Burn the torch now to light the way Stay alive to break down the wall The time has come to make the final call Are we standing on the edge of hope The human race is on … Read more

Save Me Tonight Lyrics By Giant

Artist/Band Name: Giant Album Name: Genre: World Lyrics To Save Me Tonight I’ve been running for so long ‘Cause no love could hold me Desperate dreams and reckless nights Always controlled me baby Now I’m lost, walls crashing down ‘Cause I’ve got no foundation But when I looked into your eyes I saw my salvation, … Read more

On My Own Lyrics By KATIE HOLMES

Artist/Band Name: KATIE HOLMES Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: World Lyrics To On My Own KATIE HOLMES Miscellaneous On My Own On my own Pretending he’s beside me All alone I walk with him till morning Without him I feel his arms around me And when I loose my way I close my eyes and he … Read more

The Voice And The Snake Lyrics By Enigma

Artist/Band Name: Enigma Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To The Voice And The Snake The First Bowl On The Earth The Second Bowl On The Sea The Third Bowl On The Rivers The Fourth Bowl On The Sun The Fifth Bowl On The Beast The Sixth Bowl On The Stars The Seventh Bowl On The Air … Read more

Manchild Lyrics By Creatures

Artist/Band Name: Creatures Album Name: Boomerang Genre: World Lyrics To Manchild Creatures Boomerang Manchild they would seek high, they would seek low calling their manchild as the trouble would blow there’s always some body to watch over me i’m never alone i wish they’d leave me be never alone I’m never alone i’m just a … Read more

Take Me Back Lyrics By F.r. David

Artist/Band Name: F.r. David Album Name: Greatest Hits Genre: Lyrics To Take Me Back I never said i could be the guy you once saw in me. I wasn’t made to love you everyone make mistakes we are both to blame. We got to face it baby the light has faded on us. Leavin’ a … Read more

Paint it Black Lyrics By Firewater

Artist/Band Name: Firewater Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Paint it Black I see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a … Read more

Newgrange Lyrics By Clannad

Artist/Band Name: Clannad Album Name: Genre: World Lyrics To Newgrange There is a place on the east Mysterious ring, magical ring of stones The druids lived here once they said Forgotten is the race that no one knows Rum de rum ‘rud a derimo Rum de rum ‘rud a derimo Rum de rum ‘rud a … Read more

Skys The Limit Lyrics By Magic

Artist/Band Name: Magic Album Name: Skys The Limit Genre: Lyrics To Skys The Limit Had I dream I hadn’t made it There’s nothing dragging Down me now Cause a girl gonna push it all out the way Destined to break in I found my way Yeah Now ain’t nobody gonna take it Cause a girl … Read more