What Is World Music? And How Does This Music Get Popularity?

World music doesn’t have any specific definiti9n it can be defined differently by different people. But one thing is clear that it is not a music of western art, neither it is popular music nor a western folk mus8c. In simple terms, it is traditional music or art music. But it must have a foreign element its ethnic element. It usually comes from different places in the world. In short, it can be meant as World Music is a contemporary version of multicultural or trading music.

What is the history of world music?

In the year 1982 and 1983, this music was born. At this time American and British promoters, distributors, record companies, journalists and distributors and broadcasters have started to promote the music to other countries. In other words, we can say that it is a story of marketing by western record companies of foreign music. The producers and musicians started participating in this music and it started as a bona fide type of music. In between 2002 and 2008 the BBC Radio 3 gave the award to world music. 

Nowadays world music is easily available at any place because of the new technology of recording. Global travel has also gotten easier so we can travel anywhere to listen to this kus8c. You hear this music on the internet also through real audio. There are many sites on the Internet which allows listening to a variety of world music.