Why Music Changes Your Moods?

music changes mood

Have you been wondering why there is a sudden change in your moods when listening to music? The rhythm and tone of songs have been shown to affect one’s feelings. Many people have made music part of their daily life, such that failure to listen to a song makes one feels awkward.  The music hit … Read more

The 5 Best Music Apps for Android To Play Music At No Cost!

Music App For Android

Many people have incorporated music into their daily life. The many benefits that include muscle relaxation, reduction of anxiety, boosting self-esteem, and releasing emotional feelings makes it more sensible to get several tracks. But making a collection of songs in a single device is almost impossible given the limited storage space. Getting a music app … Read more

Top 5 Best Music Streaming Service Of The World

music streaming services

Gone are the days of buying the album to listen to music. The internet has opened up unlimited opportunities in the music industry, including streaming services. Various providers allow you to purchase and play thousands of tracks right in the comfort of your home. The question is which one is the best among the many? … Read more

Can Music Help Anxiety? Music as a Powerful Stress Management Tool

music removes anxiety

Music has a soothing effect that links to our emotions in incredible ways. You can relax and feel at ease by just listening to slow and quiet classic songs. Studies have shown that those who listened to upbeat music were happier with improved moods in two weeks. Ancient Greeks also appreciated the role of music … Read more

How To Increase Your Vocal Range? – Some Easy Ways!


Most articles on how to increase vocal range focus on adding high notes, leaving altos and basses feeling left out. Lower voices, this one is for you! We’ll explore some ways to add low notes by using your chest voice. Everyone uses the chest voice for normal speaking. In fact, your speaking voice can teach … Read more

What Is Voice Lessons?


Voice lessons are the single most effective way to improve the quality of your singing voice. Once you have decided to take lessons, the first thing you need to do is find a good teacher whose methods and approaches are compatible with your musical goals and needs. As with any working relationship, a good fit … Read more

Top 10 Singers For All-Time Of the USA & Their Top 10 Songs

top singers of alltime usa

Beautiful songs heal a troubled soul more than medicine. Sometimes listening to some lyrics makes you forget the challenges of daily life. Symphonies from simple melodies are brought to life by great singers. There have been people who got some talents, and when they stand on stage, the crowd is moved like never before. For … Read more