Learn More About The History Of Soul Music

Music is something to which every individual can connect. It is supposed to cleanse my body and mind. There are different genres of music that are quite popular among people. One such popular genre of music is Soul Music. To learn a little bit about soul music, its origin must be figured out.

Definition Of Soul Music

This genre of music is a gospel singing that the community of African Americans originated. This genre is also quite similar to blues and rhythm. The two main characteristic features of Soul Music is that it involves an intense feeling as well as certain vocal embellishments.


It is quite a popular genre of music that was first introduced in the United States of America during the 1950s and 1960s. It was generally used for dancing and singing and in a way was influencing the music of Africa as well as rock music.

There are various subgenres of this genre of music. Some of them are Latin soul, Neo Soul, Motown Soul, Cinematic Soul, and Smooth Soul. It became popular all over the world. This music also had a great impact on both international artists as well as on non-blacks.

Details On Soul Music

There are various derivative forms of Soul Music like disco, contemporary R&B, and Funk. Apart from that, many instruments are used in this type of music. Some of those types of musical instruments used in this genre of music are clavinet, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, and others.