1he Perfect Kiss Lyrics By Joy Division & New Order

Artist/Band Name: Joy Division & New Order Album Name: Total Genre: Rock Lyrics To 1he Perfect Kiss I stood there beside myself Thinking hard about the weather Then came by a friend of mine Suggested we go out together Then I knew it from the start This friend of mine would fall apart Pretending not … Read more

001 Lyrics By Apulanta

Artist/Band Name: Apulanta Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To 001 Mä tiedän suakin väsyttää Mut kirja täytyy silti loppuun värittää Jos tahdot antaa kauneimman Niin annat minun tänään unohtaa Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää Mun täytyy mennä Pimeempään, pimeempään tänään Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää Sä et voi tulla Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää On pakko kulkee yksinään … Read more

Woman To Fly Lyrics By Robert Pollard

Artist/Band Name: Robert Pollard Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To Woman To Fly I need to go around a woman to fly I don’t want to bum you out got nothing to buy I need a cheek the summer of saints the winter of angels things you must say I need to prove I’m out … Read more

…In The Spirit Lyrics By Faust

Artist/Band Name: Faust Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To …In The Spirit Me lack space in the spirit The weekday is five stories high And the deafening different distance Between the brown bread breakdown And you is a delicate delight Crush cost Just imagine your Impossible impressions Merchant mercy message From morning to night … Read more

Young Lyrics By Kakkmaddafakka

Artist/Band Name: Kakkmaddafakka Album Name: Six Months Is a Long Time Genre: Lyrics To Young Walk in the mountains, drink in the bar. Walk in the mountains, drink in the bar. Steppin back into my own, drop my bags and I look around Places seem the same, as the memories that remain I’ve been away … Read more

Whipping Boy Lyrics By Ball Park Music

Artist/Band Name: Ball Park Music Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Whipping Boy A home goal can wreck the day we see you shot dead, The west will sell the piggies down in Salem, And I’ll become your whipping boy We’re shakin’ hands with everyone around here, If I become a target will you miss me? … Read more

Wonderless Lyrics By Pierce the Veil

Artist/Band Name: Pierce the Veil Album Name: A Flair For The Dramatic Genre: Rock Lyrics To Wonderless I don’t care If your beautiful lips exist out there ‘Cause I’m wonderless Why the best can’t make it in Hollywood no more It’s like a long drag taken Before the smoke hits the white sky Like the … Read more

100 In a 55 (Acoustic Version) Lyrics By Pop Evil

Artist/Band Name: Pop Evil Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To 100 In a 55 (Acoustic Version) Turn back on the broken hearted Some things are just meant to be I still believe that we got a chance I still believe that we got a chance to be Too much is never enough And too little … Read more

10,000 Miles Away From Harm Lyrics By Mundy

Artist/Band Name: Mundy Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To 10,000 Miles Away From Harm The morning’s warm, the air it tickles A breakfast roll of ham and pickles On the sidewalk hair is braided The sun is broody and my body’s jaded A plastic bottle of water warm I’m 10,000 miles away from harm … Read more