24/7 Lyrics By Kevon Edmonds

Artist/Band Name: Kevon Edmonds Album Name: Genre: R&B Lyrics To 24/7 Baby it’s no mystery You’re bringing out the best in me And though I’ve been in love before I’ve never had the kind of love That made me feel secure I never thought that give and take Mentality was right for me You made … Read more

You Wouldn’t Cry (Andrew’s Song) Lyrics By Mandisa

Artist/Band Name: Mandisa Album Name: Freedom Genre: R&B Lyrics To You Wouldn’t Cry (Andrew’s Song) All you saw was pain, all you saw was rain But you should see me now Moments filled with tears, lasted all those years Disappeared somehow You never said goodbye On your knees you cry You’re still asking why But … Read more

You’ve Got A Friend Lyrics By Michael Jackson

Artist/Band Name: Michael Jackson Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Lyrics To You’ve Got A Friend Michael Jackson Miscellaneous You’ve Got A Friend Written & Composed: Carole King When you’re down and trubled And you need some love and care And nothin’, no nothin’ is goin’ right Just close your eyes and think of me And soon … Read more

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Rerecorded) Lyrics By Jimmy Ruffin

Artist/Band Name: Jimmy Ruffin Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Rerecorded) What becomes of the broken-hearted jimmy ruffin As i walk this land with broken dreams i have visions of many things love’s happiness is just an illusion filled with sadness and confusion, what becomes of the broken hearted who … Read more

You Lyrics By Jesse Powell feat. Gerald Albright

Artist/Band Name: Jesse Powell feat. Gerald Albright Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You I finally found the nerve to say I’m gonna make a change in my life starting here today I surrender all my love I never thought I could I’m giving all my love away and there’s only one reason that I would … Read more

Umbrella (Travis Barker remix) Lyrics By Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z

Artist/Band Name: Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Umbrella (Travis Barker remix) Gyeah, Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Take three, action No clouds in my storms Let it rain, I hydroplane into fame Comin’ down like the Dow Jones When the clouds come, we gone We Roc-A-Fellas We fly higher than weather And … Read more

Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix) Lyrics By Keith Sweat

Artist/Band Name: Keith Sweat Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: R&B Lyrics To Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix) Keith Sweat Miscellaneous Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix) Aw yea baby, you got to make your mind up yea…kut klose help me out You know you are my lover(you know are my lover baby) You got me twisted over you(girl you … Read more

Wrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye) Lyrics By Aaron Neville

Artist/Band Name: Aaron Neville Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: R&B Lyrics To Wrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye) Every time the telephone rings I hold my breath Hoping that it’s you, I’m scared to death Phone went ring, my crippled heart cried Let it be you, on the line Then a voice says, “Hello, can I … Read more

Worry Bout It (feat. Fetty Wap) Lyrics By Kirko Bangz

Artist/Band Name: Kirko Bangz Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Worry Bout It (feat. Fetty Wap) [Verse 1: Kirko Bangz] Shawty pulled up to the club Came down in a drop top, cool like me She do everything on the low You don’t ever hear her name going around in these streets You coming down The … Read more

Un-Thinkable Lyrics By Alicia Keys

Artist/Band Name: Alicia Keys Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Un-Thinkable Moment of honesty, Someones gotta take the lead tonight Whose it gonna be? I’m gonna sit right here and tell u while it comes to me If u have something to say You should say it right now (You should say it right now) You … Read more