[Living In] Desperate Times Lyrics By Olivia Newton-John

Artist/Band Name: Olivia Newton-John Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To [Living In] Desperate Times Never thought it would be so rough And I wonder if I have enough To keep from breaking down No mercy in this town Everyday is just another test Seems I’m always second best But you learn along the way Its the … Read more

Whole Day Off Lyrics By Oingo Boingo

Artist/Band Name: Oingo Boingo Album Name: Misc Genre: Rock Lyrics To Whole Day Off Have you seen my girlfriend she lives in a pig pen Have you seen my girlfriend? I can’t seem to find her perhaps she is hiding Underneath a blade of grass Let’s take the whole day off Let’s take the whole … Read more

The Box (Paul Oakenfold remix) Lyrics By Orbital

Artist/Band Name: Orbital Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To The Box (Paul Oakenfold remix) Shared his neighbours with a building Knows addresses of by heart Draws a picture of his future Keeps the paper close at hand Packs his tongue into a suitcase Suffers terror on the train And he wants to start a movement ‘Cause … Read more

What I Did For Love Lyrics By Original Cast

Artist/Band Name: Original Cast Album Name: A Chorus Line Genre: Adult Contemporary Lyrics To What I Did For Love Original Cast A Chorus Line What I Did For Love conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS “Tap Dance” DIANA … Read more

Skintight Lyrics By Ohio Players

Artist/Band Name: Ohio Players Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Skintight You are a bad bad Mrs. In them skin tight britches Runnin’ folks in ditches Baby about to bust the stitches, yeah Skin tight (skin tight) wow skin tight (doo doo doo doo doo) Skin tight Hold tight! na na na na na na na … Read more

So Great Lyrics By Oslo Gospel Choir

Artist/Band Name: Oslo Gospel Choir Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To So Great God gave me a song, I will sing for the rest of my life. Jesus is the light, the light of the world. Come let us celebrate him, lift up your voices and sing, Jesus is the light, the light of the world. … Read more

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The Dream Lyrics By Out Of Your Mouth

Artist/Band Name: Out Of Your Mouth Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To The Dream Out Of Your Mouth Draghdad The Dream Hey, do you really know? Would you carry it all? Do you care if you fade away? I can’t relate to losing faith Losing you I feel afraid I see your pain I’m so … Read more

Soul to Keep Lyrics By O.C.

Artist/Band Name: O.C. Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Soul to Keep (Stop the car… Brooklyn Do somethin to make me feel better – I’ma do somethin to make you feel great) It’s like Bon Appetit y’all [ VERSE 1: O.C. ] Commonly known as O.C. to some of y’all My peoples call me Mush or … Read more

The Cleansing Lyrics By Overkill

Artist/Band Name: Overkill Album Name: The Killing Kind Genre: Rock Lyrics To The Cleansing Cool motherfucker in a deep blue sea I said I loose my mind Cool motherfucker in what I see I said that I don’t mind He said walk on through, we been waitin’ for you There’s a place set at the … Read more

Unravel Lyrics By Okkervil River

Artist/Band Name: Okkervil River Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Unravel While you are away My heart comes undone Slowly unravels Like a ball of yarn The devil collects it With a grin Our love In a ball of yarn (He’ll never return it) So when you come back We’ll have to make new love (He’ll … Read more